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Our mission is to use agriculture as a vehicle to teach science in order to increase awareness and knowledge of farming practices in youth, to foster their appreciation for our agrarian heritage and rural lifestyle and to encourage them to be responsible stewards of our land.

What We Offer

Monthly Newsletter
Each month, our newsletter focuses on a particular topic providing educational information and resources. You can sign up to have the newsletter delivered right to your inbox or access past issues right here.

School to Farm Days
Hands-on learning days made fun at a local farm with the help of NHAITC and other volunteers from various Ag organizations.

Teachers' Workshops
NHAITC offers professional development opportunities to teachers at educators' conferences and after school at various locations throughout NH.

Resource Library
Need a lesson plan on food or fiber? Looking for a local person to talk about beekeeping? Give us call, we will be your go-to resource!

National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix
The National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix is an online, searchable, and standards-based curriculum map for K-12 teachers.